1 Million Trees Association (1MTA)


The 1 Million Trees Association (1MTA) is a non-profit organisation, created in Montpellier in October 2017.


Our vision: for the seeds we plant today to become the forests of tomorrow, all around the world. Each tree planted is one small step towards healing the environment.


Our mission: to promote and sensitise the general public about climate change, the preservation of the environment and the valorisation of trees and forests.


Our goal: to plant 1 million trees in France and create the Nursery of Humanity. Then to repeat this protype over 5 continents around the world.


Our team:




- Accountant: OLIVIER RENDU





Our President 


Jean Paul Wabotai,



Multidisciplinary international artist from the Democratic Republic of Congo,


nicknamed The Golden Voice of Africa by the Australian press, Wabotaï is above all author, composer, performer and philosopher. He is also a dancer, choreographer, percussionist, painter, pedagogue and therapist.


He graduated from the Mutschi Mayé School, former choreographer and playwright of the National Ballet of DR Congo. He worked in France, with Angélique Kidjo, Ray Lema, So Kalmery, Check Tidiane, Emmanuel djob, African ballets, Lisanga and Elima, in Australia with Tim Finn and Kate Ceberano ...


Production of several CDs in France, Spain and Australia, including seven for children including a rapid impact literacy method, informal, innovative, timeless, fun, designed to learn while having fun. It is placed in the geographical map of UNICEF's 21st Century Innovations in 2015 and the Republic of Congo is the pilot country.


Publication of several books: Our History of Gospel in collaboration with photographer Michel Rotter and educational CD-books, Vox Alphabet, Abecedario Vox at Larousse in Spain, the largest publishing house specializing in education; El meu Primer Abecedari was released by Edicion62 - Estrella Polar, in collaboration with Isabel Colomer Illustrator-Graphic Designer.


Jean Paul Wabotaï is an artist involved in humanitarian and educational projects since 1993. He is the founder of the Association Children of Congo - Enfants du Monde and the association 1 Million d'Arbres.


Committed actively to the Millennium Development Goals since the year 2000.


 Initiated several projects in the world:


- Inventor of the Alphabet Africa method, placed in the geographical map of UNICEF's 21st Century Innovations. In 2015, the Republic of Congo is the pilot country


- Founder of the House of Peace and Literacy in Congo Brazzaville in 2012 / with the support of M.Y and M.R


- Founder of the House of Education for All in Brazzaville in 2014 / with the support of Mama Yakala and Michel Rotter


- Founder of the Cultural Center Congo Catalunya in Barcelona 2004


- Founder of the Alphabet Africa Festival in Congo Brazzavile in 2013-2014-2016 with the support of Jean-Paul Pigasse.


- Co-Initiator of the Historic Peace Concert between Aborigines and the White Community of the City of Warwick, Australia, with the support of T.H.E of Viyay Yogendra


- The initiator of the operation "A family A Bag of Rice" in Congo Kinshasa in 1994


- The initiator of the "One child, one mosquito net" operation in 2004


- The initiator of the operation "A play for a child" in Congo Kinshasa in 2004 with the support of Catherine Alepée


- The initiator of the Peace Players Project, for the promotion of the culture of peace in the world of football in 2005


- The initiator and composer of the project "Embrace the Peace", for the promotion of peace through music in 2015


 Today Jean Paul Wabotaï, presents his two new projects:


- his new Album World Music released by Actual Records


- 1 million trees, inspired by his meeting with Roberto and Colette Savio, Oscar Arias Nobel Peace Prize, former President of Costa Rica and Al Gore the former Vice President of the United States of America environmental defender in 2004 in Puerto Rico.


Sponsor of the 1 Million Trees Festival


 Roberto Savio is a journalist, communications expert, political commentator, social justice activist, and advocate for global governance. He spent most of his career with Inter Press Service (IPS), the news agency he founded in 1964 with Argentine journalist Pablo Piacentini.


He studied economics at the University of Parma, Italy, followed by postgraduate courses in development economics under Gunnar Myrdal, in History of Art and International Law in Rome. He began his professional career as a research assistant in international law at the University of Parma.


Roberto Savio is now President Emeritus and Chairman of the Board of Directors at IPS, which also includes former UN Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali, former Portuguese President Mario Soares, the former director general of the UNESCO Federico Mayor Zaragoza, former Finnish President and Nobel Peace Prize winner Martti Ahtisaari, former Costa Rican President and Nobel Peace Prize winner Oscar Arias and former Japanese Prime Minister Toshiki Kaifue. After resigning as Managing Director of IPS, Roberto Savio continued to focus on "alternative" communication and information, founding Other News as an international non-governmental association of people concerned about the decline information media.